Venison Marinade

Yield: 1 recipes
1 salt
1 pepper,coarse ground
1 worchestershire sauce
2 tb lemon juice
1/2 c clear italian dressing
1 bay leaves
1 thin sliced onion
1 garlic, minced (optional)
Slice meat in 1/2" slices. Place in bowl, add 1 T. salt, enough water to
cover, cover with lid and place in refrigerator. Next day, drain liquid,
add salt again, water and soak. Repeat this process for 3 to 5 days. On
the 5th day, drain meat, rinse and dry with a paper towel. In a shallow
pan, place meat, sprinkle with pepper (it has already been salted) and rub
each with worchestershire sauce. Place meat in single layer in pan and
sprinkle over meat: lemon juice, italian dressing, garlic, onion, and bay
leaves. Soak over-night, turning several times. To barbeque, baste with
marinade. To pan fry, drain meat, blot with paper towels, then beat in
flour and fry.

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