Gene Blystone's Venison Mincemeat

Yield: 1 servings
4 lb venison
2 lb beef suet tart apples
3 lb brown sugar
2 c maple syrup or
2 c dark molasses
2 qt cider
3 lb currants
4 lb seeded raisins
1/2 lb citron, cut fine
1 qt brandy or
1 qt wine
1 tb cinnamon
1 tb ground clove
1 ts allspice
1 ts mace
1 ts nutmeg salt to taste apple
-jack or
Cover and cook the venison and suet with boiling water until tender; let it
cool in the liquid. When it is cold and the fat has solidified, remove meat
and chop the cake fat (suet). Reboil the liquid until it has been reduced
to 1 1/2 cups. Chop the venison and add it to twice as much peeled, cored
and finely chopped apple. Add the sugar and maple syrup or molasses. Add
the dried fruit, suet, cider and the reduced boiling liquid. Boil slowly
for 2 hours, stirring to prevent burning. Add the apple jack or brandy or
wine and the spices. Mix thoroughly and store in crocks or jars. May also
be frozen, but does't freeze hard. Yield: 15 pies, recipe can be cut in
Note: It is by no means necessary to use exactly the ingredients given. You
may want to add orange or lemon peel, chopped figs or may prefer a
different proportion of spices. You may also use wine or sherry in place of
the cider.

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