Venison Country Sausage

67 lb venison
33 lb pork
5 oz black pepper
30 oz salt
1 lb coriander
2 lg bulbs garlic, or to taste
Grind venison and pork after mixing with dry ingredients. Grind coarsely,
not too fine. When ground, mix well, (fry a pattie to taste). Stuff into
casings (beef) and hang up to dry and smoke. Do not over smoke. Smoke
slowly each day until desired smoke flavor is reached. If dry sausage is
desired, allow to hang until thoroughly dry about 30 days or more. Place in
freezing compartment of freezer for another 30 days. Ready to eat as
desired. If fresh sausage rather than smoked is desired, sausage may be
kept frozen for a short period of time and cooked as desired.

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