Smoked Venison Roast

Yield: 6 servings
1 *ingredients*
1 water pan seasonings:
1 c white wine - dry
1 onion - medium, whole
1 bell pepper - halved and,
1 garlic clove - large, whole
2 tb parsley - dried
1 ts dried mint - crushed
6 drops peychaud's bitters or,
- 3 drop; s angostura bitter
2 tb lea & perrins
-worcestershire, sauce
1 tb liquid smoke
Prepare the smoker as you would for any other roast. Put the ingredients
listed above in the water pan.
To cook venison, it is important to remove the fat and membrane from the
meat. I stick a knife in the meat, then push some peeled cloves of garlic
into the slit. You can push whole fresh cayenne peppers and green onions
in the slit also.
After stuffing the slits you have made, sprinkle salt over the surface and
pat in. Do the same with red cayenne pepper.

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